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The wrong leg forward drill is designed to emphasize the importance of getting the entire shoulder into the throw and to develop the quick "shoulder cock" just before making the pass. Stand with the foot on the side of your passing arm about two feet in advance of the other foot. On this particular drill do not move your feet at all while throwing. Since this is some what of an awkward position you will have the feeling that you will have to push the ball (like a push shot in basketball), or that with the wrong leg forward, you will have to throw the ball off balance and almost entirely with the arm the way an average girl throws. Instead, use the proper throwing motion by sharply twisting the upper body and cocking the passing shoulder back just prior to making the throw. Throw the ball fairly hard in this drill, as this helps to emphasize the feeling of quickly drawing back the throwing shoulder if you are to get any power on the throw. As on most throws, use a straight over-hand motion, releasing the ball at a point about 18 inches above and outside of your right ear.