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Zoo Drill
At Earlham we run the spread option offense.
Set Up:
8 Footballs & 4 Cones. Set up 4 cones in the middle of the field about 3 yards apart. Receivers and backs align in regular formations at normal alignment. Below graphic is just an example of which QB throws to which receiver/route, the coach call the routes.

Coach calls for specific routes for each receiver and back to run. 4 Quarterbacks are going at the same time. The outside QB's throw to the outside route the inside QB's throw to the inside route.
Coaching Points:
A coach is responsible for QB's drop and throw. Another coach is responsible for the left side receivers. And another coach is responsible for the right side receivers. We are trying to coach up the small things in the passing game.
The objective is for our passing game to acquire quality repetitions in route running. The Zoo Drill is where we teach all of our routes. You can teach the patterns with or without coverage along with all the various reads.