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Quarterback Fundamentals and Techniques
QB DevelopmentDevelop the student athlete ·
"You will only be as good as what your players know" ·
You must Develop your players 
Requirements to Look For in a QB ·
Leadership - Take's charge and set's the tempo.
Accountability. ·
Self Discipline - Willing to put in the extra time, and be a perfectionist, willing to pay the price. ·
Knowledge - Understanding of the game, and the offensive scheme. ·
Have Fun - Winning is fun, and is the reason why you play the game. 
QB and Coach Relationship ·This relationship must be one of mutual trust and confidence. This is developed through hard work, respect for one another and COMMUNICATION.  Making Corrections in the Techniques ·Only correct one or two problems at a time.   If the coach tries to make wholesale changes in the technique of his QB--there is a good chance the player will walk away confused and will not have learned a thing.  Passing Technique'sProper Grip For Throwing·The coach must start the mechanics of throwing here. With out a consistent and proper grip nothing can be accomplished. ·The thumb and second finger are placed so the they are an equal distance from the point of ball. ·3rd and 4th fingers are spread out comfortably over the lace of the ball. ·The index or 1st finger is about an inch from the tip of the ball ·The football will be held with the finger tips, there should be daylight between the palm of the hand and the ball. ·Ideally a loose grip works best. ·2 hands on the ball 99.9% of the time.  Pre-passing Position·Ball is chest high 1-3 inches from the breast bone ·Points of the ball perpendicular to the ground. ·Elbows comfortably at your side. ·Shoulder of non-throwing arm will be pointed at the target. ·Feet no wider than armpits. ·Grip the ball as we described earlier. Two hands on the ball. ·Head and eyes up looking down field.  Throwing Motion·Shoulders parallel to ground, Barrel Drill
I have run the barrel drill for the past two years. The RB’s really love the drill. I have found that our backs are tougher to take down than two years ago. Our TD numbers are up and the desire to score or get the first down is apparent on the game films.
You will need 5 barrels or standing dummies will work. In a square 5 yards by 3 yards position the barrels in a 5 of diamonds formation. The barrels should be about 2 yards wide in the front and 3yards deep. A coach stands behind the middle barrel with a hand shield and will step out in front of the runner forcing him to pick a side to run. As the runner exits the last two barrels two players try to strip the ball. As the runner passes the two players stripping the ball he must high knee to keep from tripping over the hand shields being thrown at his feet by two more players. Finally he must go through a gauntlet of two to four hand shields and dive, claw, stumble or whatever it takes to get into the end zone.

Coaching Points:
RB must decide what direction to go to get around the coach. Then he must cover the ball and stay low driving through the two players trying to strip him of the ball. He must continue and high knee through the hand shields being thrown at his feet. Finally he must make it to the end zone by going through the gauntlet. They are going to be trying to knock him down so he will have to stay low and drive.
It teaches running with their heads up, holding on to the football, running with high knees, and pure desire to score in the red zone.