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Cone Acceleration drill
Set Up:
You will just need however many RB's you have and 6 cones.  1st cone is where the RB's will line up behind.  The 2nd will be placed 5 to 10yds straight ahead. The next cone is placed diagonally left 10-15yds away at a 25 to 30 degree angle from the previous cone.  The 4th cone will be set at 5yds straight in front of the 3rd.  The 5th cone is set diagonally right of the 4th cone at a 25 to 30 degree angle(same distance as the 3rd).  And the sixth is set about 25 to 30 yds straight down field of the 5th.
The RB runs 90 to 100% through the entire drill.  He runs to the first cone and does a cut to the left to the 3rd cone. At that point he cuts up field to the 4th cone and immediately cuts and sprints to the 5th cone. At the 5th cone he does a cut or spin move and sprints as fast as possible to the 6th cone.
Coaching Points:
Coaching points:  make sure the RB is always looking down-field.   Also emphasize getting the butt down to make their center-of-gravity lower, so they don't slip on the cut. Make sure that they sprint to the end-zone cone.
This is geared to teach the running back how to utilize their entire field while continuing up field.  The last cone represents a safety(which will always be the last line of defense)that the RB puts a move on and sprints to the end-zone.  It also teaches the RB to have a continuous drive to get to the end-zone on every play.