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Full Speed Relay
Set Up:
Cones or scrimmage vests (# needed depends on course you want to set up), footballs (3 or 4) and a stop watch. Divide receivers. & QB's into two teams. Set up a three station course progressing down field, e.g. Curl - Stalk Block - Square Out. For stalk block you will need a spare player.

Team "A" goes first. Each lines up on their start cone (QB is 15 yards to the inside or the receiver). On the start command the coach starts his stop watch.
Quarterback: The QB drops or sprints (your choice) and makes his throw, to his teammate, the QB then goes to station #3 and prepares to make his next throw.
Receiver: Station #1…After the catch the receiver tucks the ball for a count of one. The receiver then drops the ball and sets himself for the stalk block at station #2. As soon as the receiver is set the coach gives go command and the receiver stalks defender for three count (coach blows whistle to stop). He then runs to station #3. The receiver then resets at cone. On command QB & Receiver executes the predetermined route for station #3. Stop time when the receiver makes the catch.
Continue through team and add total. Team "B" now tries to beat that time.
Assign penalty seconds for in-completions, poor routes and poor blocks.

Coaching Points:
Divide teams evenly according to talent. Stress precise full speed routes. Good drill early in preseason that gets receivers to run good full speed routes. Your choice whether you want to change teams from day to day or keep same teams all year. The kids love this drill!!
Assign extra work, running, push-ups, etc… to losers.

Drill Teaches:
1.Precise FULL SPEED Routes.
2.Good Blocking Form
3.Good Hands
4.Team Work