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Becoming a Man of Character

A member of the team should develop and demonstrate honorable character traits through the pursuit of individual and team achievement. We also believe that successful athletes have a special opportunity and responsibility to inspire children and even adults that admire their accomplishments to develop and demonstrate good character.

Characteristics of a man with good character
A Person of good character lives his life according to the six pillars of character:

1. Trustworthiness.
Do - Stand up for your beliefs by your principles. Maintain the courage to do what is right. Keep your word.
Do not - Do anything you know in your heart is wrong.

2. Respect
Do - Listen to the older more experienced people you come into contact with. Their experience may give you valuable information as you chose your own path. If you want to be respected it must be earned, it cannot be just handed to you.
Do not - Automatically disregard someone advice because you don't know them. Expect to be given respect because of the position you hold.

3. Responsibility
Do - Everything you do involves a choice. Strive to do your personal best at all times. Accept responsibility for the consequences of your choices. Develop self control under stress.
Do not - Make excuses or blame others. Don't look the other way and hope someone else will cover for you.

4. Fairness
Do - Be open minded. hear what others have to say. Get all the facts before making a decision. Be fair in all your dealings with others. Play by the rules, don't cut corners.

Do not - Be closed minded. Cheat. Play favorites. Take advantage of others. Blame others for your shortcomings.

5. Caring
Do - Show compassion for others. Be considerate of others. Put the team ahead of yourself. Express gratitude. Give praise generously.

Do not - Be mean or cruel towards others. Be selfish.

6. Citizenship
Do - Live up to your obligations to your family, school, class and team. Do your share.
Do not - Expect other people to pick up the work load for the groups you belong to.

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