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Texas Tech Style Offensive Playbook
The Shotgun Spread Offense
Spread Offense Running Game Volume 1

Spread Offense Running Game Volume 2

Spread Offense Passing Game Volume 1  

Spread Offense Passing Game Volume 2  

Spread Offense Passing Game Volume 3 Trips  

Spread Offense Passing Game Volume 4 No Back    

Spread Offense Passing Game Volume 5 Quads       

Spread Offense Passing Game Volume 6 Draws & Screens 

The Total Playbook
Installing The Spread Shotgun Offensive System
Powerpointplaybook.com has done it again!

After countless requests for the system, and after thousands of hours of research, film review, and coaching experience, the powerpointplaybook.com staff has created the Texas Tech Style Spread Shotgun Offensive Playbook.

The Texas Tech Style Spread Shotgun Offense is taking the game of football by storm.  Eight Individual Volumes comprise the Total Playbook.  Base Running Plays, Base Passes out of Doubles, Trips, Quads, and No Back...All out of the Spread Shotgun Offense!  

Implement the schemes found in these playbooks into your offensive system.  Be as simple as you want, and allow your team's offense to grow and evolve into the Millineum's new offensive system with this playbook.

The playbook comes with a 44 Page Handbook loaded with formations, motions, terminology, and tips from the powerpointplaybook.com staff.

14 plays

16 plays

28 plays

27 plays

38 plays

20 plays

24 plays

16 plays

180+ plays

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PDF Playbook
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