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The Fly Offense

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The Fly Offense Playbook 

The Fly Offense Mission
The Fly Offense exists to get speed on the edge before the defense every knows what happened.  By packaging the fly series with traditional plays and passes, this offense is sweeping the nation at the high school and college ranks.  Oklahoma Sooners, led by Coach have incorporated versions of the fly from under center as well as from the gun.  It can be used in a two back, one back, and no back set.  One of Texas’ leading high school rushers came from this offense.  Because teams become so aware of the quick hitting fly play, the zone, trap, and counter become very big plays.  

Fly Offense Facts:
The Fly Offense is very effective at the high school level
The Fly Offense requires precise timing
The Fly Offense is good for getting speed on the edge with minimal blocking

Fly Offense Strength:
The Fly Offense is simple
The Fly Offense makes teams run from sideline to sideline without throwing the ball
The Fly Offense can be run by undersized teams

Fly Offense Weakness:
The Fly Offense must maintain a north and south running presence to keep defenses honest
The Fly Offense, if not practiced enough, can end up hurting a team because of bobbled snaps and missed handoffs.

Fly Offense Base Run Plays:
Orbit Reverse
Counter Read
Zone Read O

Fly Offense Base Pass Plays:
3 step package 
Sprint package
Play Action Passes

Fly Offense Needs:
The Fly Offense needs a speedy receiver or small running back who has good vision
The Fly Offense needs a tough inside runner to compliment the outside speed

Fly Offense Bottom Line:
The Fly Offense is a package that can be incorporated into any offense.  Timing is essential.  The old saying is that speed kills, this offense is guilty of killing defenses time after time.  This offense is an equalizer.  It takes dominating down lineman out of their element, and makes linebackers run all over.  Not a bad offense…at least a good package to add to an already effective offense.

Fly Offense includes:
44 Page Handbook Loaded with formations, motions, terminology, and tips
Running Plays vs. Split, 4-3, 50 defense
32 plays

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The Fly Offense Playbook 

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