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The Option Offense

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The I Option Offense Playbook 

The Option Offense Mission
The Option Offense exists to always keep the defense guessing.  Who has the ball?  The option offense places good athletes in great situations.  The option offense allows the coach, to call plays that place the ball in the hands of the best athlete.  Better yet, the option offense allows the quarterback to place the team in the best position to march the football down the field and score points.

Option Offense Facts:
The Option Offense continues to be run successfully at the high school and college level
The Option Offense typically has a running quarterback
The Option Offense destroys defenses who refuse to adjust\

Option Offense Strength:
The Option Offense is a ball control offense
The Option Offense is good versus any defense
The Option Offense is great for an athletic quarterback who can run
The play action pass off of the option can result in very big plays
Opposing Defenses hate to try to defend true option teams

Option Offense Weakness:
The Option Offense is not a come from behind offense
The Option Offense is not a passing offense
The Option Offense takes a lot of time and work to run effectively

Option Offense Base Run Plays:
Veer Option
Midline Option
Speed Option
Load Option
Trap Option

Option Offense Base Pass Plays:
3 step package 
5 step package
Play Action Passes
screen package

Option Offense Needs:
The Option Offense needs a smart, athletic quarterback.  Size is not important.
The Option Offense needs a good fullback and a tailback with good hands.
The Option Offense needs smart lineman who are able to recognize defensive fronts.

Option Offense Bottom Line:
The Option Offense is very good.  When certain options are paired together, the defense can never be right.  The option can be incorporated into other styles of offense, but in order to really be good at it, it takes time, practice, and commitment.  The coach also must trust, that the players, through repetition and practice, will make the correct read.  When players make plays, this offense is absolutely beautiful.

Option Offense includes:
44 Page Handbook Loaded with formations, motions, terminology, and tips
Running Plays vs. Split, 4-3, 50 defense
26 plays

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The I Option Offense Playbook 

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