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The  Pirate Offense

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The Pirate Offense Playbook

The Pirate Offense Mission
The Pirate Offense exists to run over defenses.  It is a north and south offense that primarily focuses on running 90% of the time…even with 8 man boxes.  It is a close relative to the Wing T Offense, with less misdirection.  This offense has been effectively run for many years by the Missouri High School football powerhouse Branson High School…Thus we have the Pirate Offense.  It has produced record breaking numbers by running backs in the state of Missouri, and has helped to produce a winning tradition at a small school in a big town.  It is not uncommon to see two running backs in the same backfield approach and surpass 1,000 yards each.  It is a simple offense that requires good coaching and playcalling.
Pirate Offense Facts:
The Pirate Offense is very effective at the high school level
The Pirate Offense is simple
The Pirate Offense wins games

Pirate Offense Strength:
The Pirate Offense runs is almost always run using two tight ends, thus it balances defenses out
The Pirate Offense is quick hitting
The Pirate Offense is notorious for 12 play drives that result in touchdowns

Pirate Offense Weakness:
The Pirate Offense must have a strong, quick offensive line
The Pirate Offense does not have many passing options

Pirate Offense Base Run Plays:
Quick Pitch
Toss Sweep
Double Dive

Pirate Offense Base Pass Plays:
Playaction passes
5 step package
sprint out package

Pirate Offense Needs:
The Pirate Offense needs a great line
The Pirate Offense needs two good backs, one tough runner
The Pirate Offense needs a quarterback that can run well or pass well…both preferred

Pirate Offense Bottom Line:
The Pirate Offense is a proven winner.  Very simple.  Opposing coaches wonder how this offense wins games.  Great coaching, great commitment, great practices, and running the base plays over and over and over again until you can run them in your sleep.  Then you win games.

Pirate Offense includes:
44 Page Handbook Loaded with formations, motions, terminology, and tips
Running Plays vs. Split, 4-3, 50 defense
60 plays

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The Pirate Offense Playbook

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