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The Spread Offense

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The Spread Offense Mission
The Spread Offense exists to put points on the board.  Score one more point than the defense does…and your team wins.  By using multiple “open” formations and various motions, the Spread Offense is designed to create mismatches in the secondary and attack defensive weaknesses.  The Spread Offense, usually run out of the shotgun, was made popular by Coach Mumme (BYU and KU) and Coach Leach (Texas Tech Red Raiders).  Peyton Manning and Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady both play in Professional versions of the Spread Offense.  These coaches have used the Spread Offense to destroy defenses and develop solid football programs that are respected throughout the nation.  The Spread Offense can be very complex…but it is almost always effective.

Spread Offense Facts:
The Spread Offense puts up Points
The Spread Offense puts up Stats
The Spread Offense will fill the stadium with fans
The Spread Offense uses the pass to set up the run

Spread Offense Strength:
The Spread Offense basically forces defenses to run from sideline to sideline, defending screens, the short passing game, and trying to not give up the big play.

Spread Offense Weakness:
The Spread Offense is not a ball control offense.  The offensive line maintains very, very wide line splits.  The shotgun formation with four wide receivers sometimes does not get the job done in the ground game…fortunately, the teams running The Spread Offense do not usually need to run the ball – they usually have a good lead, or are playing catch up.

Spread Offense Base Run Plays:
counter read o
speed option 
inside zone (quarterback read)
cake (quarterback read)
counter (quarterback read)

Spread Offense Base Pass Plays:
3 step package 
5 step package
screen package

Spread Offense Needs:
Spread Offense Needs A good quarterback
Spread Offense Needs Smart quarterback
Spread Offense Needs Four to eight receivers
Spread Offense Needs One tailback with good vision, preferably quick and shifty
Spread Offense Needs Linemen with good feet, small is OK
Spread Offense Needs A Coaching Staff who knows and understands the Offense
Spread Offense Needs Coaching Staff who knows how to teach the base plays and the reads imbedded within the Offense
Spread Offense Needs Patience as the offense evolves into a system where the players feel comfortable
Spread Offense Needs A Coach who knows how to put the system in piece by piece
Spread Offense Needs A Good Defense

Spread Offense Bottom Line:
If you have a good quarterback, this is the offense you want to run.  Period.  If you have a small line that cannot over power any defense, you may have to find a quarterback just so you can run this offense.  It can get you back in a game in a hurry.  

The Spread Offense is very popular right now, and appears to be what a lot of programs are going to.  It is an excellent offense to run in high school or college.  

Spread Shotgun Offense includes:
44 Page Handbook Loaded with formations, motions, terminology, and tips
Running Plays vs. Split, 4-3, 50 defense
78 plays

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The Spread Offense Playbook 

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