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The Wing T Offense

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The Wing T Offense Playbook 

The Wing T Offense Mission
The Wing T Offense exists to gain 3.3 yards per play in a cloud of dust.  This offense uses quick hitting plays and misdirection plays to keep a defense off guard.

Wing T Offense Facts:
The Wing T Offense is very effective at the high school level
The Wing T Offense has been consistently run by several state champions in Texas 
The Wing T Offense is very difficult to defend because of its misdirection plays

Wing T Offense Strength:
The Wing T Offense runs well to the strong or weak side
The Wing T Offense uses all backs in its running game
The Wing T Offense is a great ball control offense 

Wing T Offense Weakness:
The Wing T Offense is not a fast scoring offense…in theory
The Wing T Offense must have a strong, quick offensive line.

Wing T Offense Base Run Plays:
Buck Sweep
Cake Keep
Lead Keep

Wing T Offense Base Pass Plays:
3 step package 
Sprint package
Play Action Passes

Wing T Offense Needs:
The Wing T Offense needs a two or three solid, quick runningbacks
The Wing T Offense needs intelligent linemen and quick guards

Wing T Offense Bottom Line:
The Wing T Offense is a beautiful offense when it is clicking on all cylinders.  Very, very successful at the high school level, the Wing T offense is very, very difficult to defend.  It is not a “passing” offense, nor is it a “balanced” offense.  It is a 80-95% running game offense.  The wing T offense is an offense of thousands of championship teams across America.

Wing T Offense includes:
44 Page Handbook Loaded with formations, motions, terminology, and tips
Running Plays vs. Split, 4-3, 50 defense
40 plays

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The Wing T Offense Playbook

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