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The Y Stack Offense

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The Y Stack Offense Playbook 

The Y Stack Offense Mission
The Y Stack Offense exists to overload one side of the line and go after it.  The stack begins with a Y – Tight End, a Fullback stacked behind the Y, and a Z back stacked behind the Fullback.  If defenses refuse to adjust, then the offense plugs away.  When the defense over shifts, then the weak-side package will be used to attack the defense.  

Y Stack Offense Facts:
The Y Stack Offense is a balanced offense
The Y Stack Offense can be compact or spread out by shifting and the use of motion
The Y Stack Offense is a fairly new offensive attack…something defensive coordinators have not seen

Y Stack Offense Strength:
The Y Stack Offense runs well to the strength side
The Y Stack Offense destroys defenses that refuse to adjust
The Y Stack Offense is great for teams with a good tight end and one very good back

Y Stack Offense Weakness:
The Y Stack Offense works best when it surprises defenses
The Y Stack Offense is, in most cases, a gimmick play or series of plays

Y Stack Offense Base Run Plays:
Trap Keep
Speed Option

Y Stack Offense Base Pass Plays:
3 step package 
5 step package
Sprint package
Play Action Passes

Y Stack Offense Needs:
The Y Stack Offense needs a solid tight end and one very good running back
The Y Stack Offense needs an above average line and one blocking fullback
The Z back should be able to block or catch in the Y Stack

Y Stack Offense Bottom Line:
The Y Stack Offense is an offense that most teams know very little about.  This offense takes the principles from the I, Option, wing t, and spread offense, and blends them together into one…the Y Stack.

Y Stack Offense includes:
44 Page Handbook Loaded with formations, motions, terminology, and tips
Running Plays vs. Split, 4-3, 50 defense
42 plays

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The Y Stack Offense Playbook 
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