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Power Point Playbook


The Power Point Playbook for Football is an excellent and easy way to create your own playbook!

Using Microsoft Power Point software, coaches can bring offensive and defensive schemes to life!  Most high schools, and universities, already have this program available to educators and coaches!

Video Game View
The Power Point Playbook takes the same view that the popular video games (Madden, Gameday) take…A 3 Dimensional View from behind the offense – It Looks Real!  

Studies show that the majority of people are visual learners.  Today’s athletes benefit from interactive, “hands-on” learning experiences.  This is where the Power Point Playbook is so effective.  Your athletes receive the playbook in printed form, but they also view it during daily meetings, weekly meetings, mini-camps, and two-a-days through slide shows!  Use the playbook templates that are already made, or create your own plays and use terminology used in your program.  Simply burn CD copies of your power point playbook and give them to your athletes and coaching staff!  They can take a CD or Floppy version of the playbook for their home computer or laptop!

Created For Coaches…By Coaches
This power point slideshow was created for coaches at a Texas High School Powerhouse.  The templates used in the playbook were created after the coaching staff expressed a real need to take the offense to the next level.  The Power Point Playbook Slide Show is the next level!

Simple to Use
The Power Point Playbook is simple and easy to use.  Why?  Because the majority of high schools already have power point software, and training is readily available.   There are also a surplus of teachers and coaches who already have mastered the Power Point software!  

Creating Your Own Playbook

This CD only runs if you have Power Point already installed on your computer.  If you do not have it, check to see if your school or university has it available for staff members or on the network.  

Simply open the CD and save the playbook on your hard drive.  As you get familiar with the system, change the formations, plays, blocking schemes, defensive positions, and quarterback reads.  If you have never used power point, study a handbook and get familiar with all of the icons and editing tools.  This will help you when modifying any plays or creating new ones.  Make the playbook fit your needs and your system.  The Power Point Playbook can be customized!  The Power Point Playbook comes with a CD that has an entire offense with over 300 slides of pre-installed plays!  If you like the installed plays, keep them or rename them.  

Pre-Installed Plays vs. Split, 4-3, 50
The base plays are drawn up to attack standard defenses:  The Split, 4-3, and 50.  If you wish to change the position of the defenders, click on them and move them where you want them.

QB Reads
The quarterback “reads” show up with colored circles around them.  In our system, the quarterback usually reads only one man.  On option he attacks one man and either keeps it or pitches it.  On a passing play, his eyes are burned on his read after the snap, and based upon what the read key does…determines where he throws the ball.  On plays where there is more than one read, more than one defender will be highlighted.

Ready to use!
Over 200 Running plays pre-installed vs. Split, 4-3, 50 Defense!
Over 100 Passing plays pre-installed vs. Split, 4-3, 50 Defense!
Over 300 Ready to use slides in all!

Create and Edit
Create your own Plays!  Simply use the graphics and templates that have already been created and installed, and go from there.  Move the Defense around and rotate the secondary!  The options are virtually limitless!

Why use it?
Save Time
Print Versions
Coaches Notes

Use the power point playbook for:
Slide Shows
Printable Playbooks
Quarterback Camps
Scout Teams
CD’s for your Athletes 

Printed Version of the Playbook
You may print out only one slide or the whole playbook.  It is highly recommended, that coaches attend a power point workshop or seek training to fully grasp the potential of the Power Point Software.  This playbook is simply a tool that helps programs reach the next level.  

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